The parkrun briefing with a difference…

Kesgrave parkrun runners

I arrived at my local Kesgrave parkrun on Saturday morning following a few training miles with Pete to what is the the best parkrun briefing I’ve ever heard.

At the start of any parkrun there is a briefing where the Run Director gives a few notices about the event and is an opportunity to mention the volunteers and any runners who are hitting milestones. This week, our Run Director, Simon Goldsmith delivered his briefing as a RAP. That’s right, a rap, complete with Dr. Dre backing music through a PA system.

A couple of parkrunners caught it all on video and it wasn’t long before it was being tweeted, re-tweeted, shared and picked up by the local BBC News. This is one of the great things about parkrun, it’s not too serious and there’s always fun to be had. If you’ve been thinking about coming along, think no more and come and visit us at Kesgrave – all welcome!

Watch the video from Perry Evans below;

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